Don't mind us. We're just doing a little spring cleaning. We'll be back in a flash, better and more bookish than ever.

Thank you for stopping by Old School Reads where we celebrate books 25 years old (or older) that are as entertaining, enlightening, and in some cases, as shocking as they were when first published.

If you’re envisioning dusty, smelly leather-bound books. Ominous library isles. And scowling librarians, you’ve got some imagination there partner. We could use more minds like yours around here.

We promise there will be:

– No smelly, dusty or insufferable books

– No spooky libraries

– No finger wagging librarians (just cool people talking about cool books)

The site relaunches on April 15, which is Tax Day for those of us in the U.S. There’s no correlation here. It just seemed like a good date.

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