Next Book UP: What to Say When You Talk to Your Self

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What do you say when you talk to yourself? Understand, I’m not asking whether or not you talk to yourself. I’m pretty sure you do. Not convinced? Think about the last time you lost your keys. Where are they? They must be in my jacket. How could I lose my keys again? Then there’s that morning that you couldn’t get out of bed. Just five … Keep on reading…

Where to Find Discount Hardcover Books

Tips for Finding Cheap Hardcover Books

Ebooks and audiobooks are great. But there is something decadent about a hardcover book. If you buy a lot of books you have to decide if the hardcover price tag is worth it. There is a way to get new, hardcover books on the cheap. And it may be right under your nose. *This is not a sponsored post; not that I’m opposed … Keep on reading…

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Book Lovers

New Year's Resolutions for Book Lovers Bookworms

New Year’s Resolution season is upon us. This could be the year you lose the extra pounds, finish writing the great American novel, or just stop picking your nails. If you want to make this your best year ever, it’s time to add a few bookworm resolutions to your list. Check out this list of New Year’s Resolutions for Book Lovers. … Keep on reading…

NEW BOOK RELEASE: The Book of Matthew

When Bible Quiet Time Isn't Working

You woke up early in the morning. The house was so quiet that you felt like the only person on the planet. You wrestled the gunk out of your eyes as you grabbed your bible (be it paper or a device). This was going to be the morning that you got back on track with your quiet time. You read … Keep on reading…

Answers: 7 Riddles to Annoy Your Friends

Answers to Classic Riddles and Brain Teasers

If you haven’t had a chance to flex your riddle solving skills, head over to my post: 7 Riddles to Annoy Your Friends. If you’re tired of guessing and want some answers, there is no need to get pushy. Just keep reading.

RIDDLE #5: What day is least of all the days, and why the least, for works and plays. The day of all the months and years with fewest smiles and fewest tears?

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7 Riddles to Annoy Your Friends

Classic Riddles

I enjoy a good riddle. Not to ponder, meditate on or try to solve. No way. I like to witness the concentration, disbelief and ultimate annoyance when someone can’t figure out my little puzzle.

RIDDLE #7: I have no wings, and yet I fly, with just a tail, up in the sky. And when you try to pull me low, the higher up I try to go. But when you let me have my way, I fall to earth, and there I stay.

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What is an old school read?


I’m grateful to live in a time when all you need to get your voice out there is a laptop and an Internet connection. The downside of course is that all you need to get your voice out there is a laptop and an Internet connection.

So many of those voices end up in ebooks. You don’t know if that book you just downloaded from Amazon is the answer to a prayer or another marketer out for a quick buck.

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